Finding Insights in Your Obstacles

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” —Henry Miller”

Over the last few month Anne, my client was working on a project she was super excited about. When she first heard about it, she was totally inspired and couldn’t wait to start.
But as the days went by she noticed that there were road blocks she had not planned for.
She grew more and more discouraged and had self doubts that she could get past her obstacles.

Anne got derailed. She had huge self doubts when her boss questioned her and she started to self analyze where she went wrong. She could not understand her anxiety and why she had this sinking feeling in her stomach as she was doing her project planning.
I work with entrepreneurs and professional and help them deepen the impact of their work and keep their enthusiasm and creativity alive.
Anne realized that there was nothing wrong with her original enthusiasm for her project.
She realized that there were insights to her blocks/obstacles,
Anne had the biggest breakthroughs what she needed to do next to move forward.

With her breakthroughs came her inspiration and creativity. She listened to her boss and took his feedback instead of being arrogant about it.
Her project was immensely successful.
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You too like Anne will find insights in your obstacles and this will help you evolve and be more inspired and creative!
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