Destress to Succeed

Master your Mindset, Body and Emotions. Connect With Your Deeper Self and Create a Positive Flow, Perspective and Environment In Your Life To Experience Lifelong Vibrant Health, Well Being, Joy, and Peace.

Who are we?

We have both experienced serious health and relationship challenges in our lives. Dominique was involved in a serious accident that put him in a coma; Dr.Vijaya survived cancer while experiencing severe internal bleeding. We both went through lengthy but successful recoveries, to be followed by challenging divorces. 

With help from our enlightened mentors, we each experienced transformational recoveries physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as we shifted away from our stressful lifestyles and started taking care of ourselves in deeper, more meaningful, more connected ways.

Overtime, we have gained profound insights and clarity not only from our own lives, but also from our clients’ who had been suffering from similar “painful disconnect”. As a result, we have successfully systematized and simplified the steps that lead to the transformation of the physical, emotional, mental stress and spiritual disconnect that busy business owners, professional and entrepreneurs live with daily.

When working with us, our clients find and experience their own innate creative intelligence to design a life of Joy, Ease, Creativity and Freedom that resonate with them.

About Our Program


Who It Is For?

Destress to Succeed Intensive Program is for successful business owners & entrepreneurs who are facing burnout and exhaustion. As they become more successful and take on bigger roles they find that they get lost in the fray. During those times, they find themselves frequently getting more impatient, more serious, or bogged down. in many cases they also experience chronic physical health challenges. They can lose sight of their freshness, their passion, enthusiasm, and clarity that they had when they first got into their career. Their relationships suffer as they become more self absorbed, and with lack of clarity, problem solving becomes a challenge and slowly isolation and exhaustion creeps in as they are afraid or unable to share their pain with close friends and family. They are working constantly like hamsters on a wheel and cannot enjoy down time with their families and friends. They are frustrated as they have tried everything with no permanent success.

We help our clients restore and maintain their health and well being, to find balance, joy and fulfillment in their relationships and experience unprecedented success in their business/careers.

You will feel Inspired to put yourself out there in the world. You will first connect deeply with your own True Self and find Clarity, Take Inspired Actions, Discover psychological spiritual based wisdom and understanding as you unlock the Power and Potential of your Mind and embark on your Transformative Life Journey. 

This is especially life changing for all the Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs who’d like to be experience themselves as  fearless, fulfilled and successful leaders in their field.  Our Intention is that, at the end of your 8 week Intensive Program you will: 

– Become more comfortable with uncomfortable feelings

– Experience greater harmony and understanding in your relationships

– Learn a new approach to stress and overwhelm

– Feel less worry and anxiety about the future

– Feel energized and empowered to maintain a high level of physical health and well being

– Feel more confident to address the areas of your life you have typically avoided dealing with


Who It Is Not For?

We are not going to magically help you make a healthy, relaxed , insightful, productive and successful business leader or entrepreneur in a week. It is true that our 8 week intensive Program will help you accelerate your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Health & Well Being and progress exponentially towards discovering greater Clarity, Fulfillment, Energy and Success in life. But if you are expecting perfect health and well being and a million dollars in your bank account by the end of the week, then this is not for you!

Everything in our Destress to Succeed Program is action intensive. You will be expected to take actions to see the change. You can’t just sit on your couch and get all the results. But you WILL feel greater Clarity and Be Inspired as you go through the transformative videos/audio/practical exercises and participate in the 9 weekly Q &A Sessions in your Program.




Connection vs. Isolation (Why feeling and staying Connected versus Isolation is better for you)

3 principles and 3 techniques to help burnt out, exhausted and isolated Business Owners clear the mental fog and stay motivated, and connected to themselves and loved ones, friends, colleagues, and others to dissolve stress away and live their lives exactly how they want.


Creating a Healthy Relationship with Yourself

Learn 3 effortless practices to transform the fear of failure, self-doubt and constant worry, and live each day with a calm, grounded enthusiasm that helps you make better business decisions.


Transform Procrastination

Go beyond fear-based procrastination thinking with 2 vital shifts in your selfperception.


Transform Overwhelm and Stress

Overcome everyday overwhelm and stress through a powerful process that helps you create spontaneous, clear insights, and take inspired ac;ons on a day-to-day basis.


Transform Your Vision

Create 3 positive anchors in your everyday life that take as liLle as 20 minutes to help you switch from tunnel-vision to expansive and make cri;cal business decisions from a place of power.


Why Good Sleep Is Important

Set up a 4-Step embodiment ritual practice for yourself that is Time-tested and will beat stress, and massively boost your quality of sleep.


Self-Driven to Service-Driven

Often the full circle of wealth creation is missed by business people as they are unaware that regular outreach towards the society and community we are all a part of, gets real wealth flowing. Create a solid blueprint by being service-driven in a community that is supportive to yourself even when you hit your hardest times.


Physical Well-Becoming: Identification, Recalibration, Transformation Plan

Unlock the fastest route to your healing potential with a 3-Stage to Physical Well-being Plan (Personal Tailored Wellness Plan) that will put you on the road to recovery from unresolved health issues that have become daily irritants.

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