Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How Do You Usually Work With Clients

In short:
Our goal is to help you experience your own innate, built-in wisdom as the primary determinant to create a life of clarity, ease and abundance in alignment with your dreams.
We help you achieve this by mentoring, coaching, and giving you full access to our online Programs which when combined with frequent Q&A sessions with us will help you build a balanced, stress-free personal and professional life.
You will have a dedicated team that answer directly to you, mentor and guide you for tangible results on the way to fulfilling your goals.
The real reason…

— Why
Business owners move into this space knowing they have real value to give; they also want to live life and be able to handle stress on their terms, and in a way that is meaningful and constructive to them.
They walk into the life of entrepreneurship, but they don’t know when they are going to get a solid flow of clients, to which extent their product is going to be accepted, and how quickly sales will reach the tipping point — all the while dealing with stress and worry.
Whether it is from poor communication with loved ones and colleagues, waning productivity, overwhelming, unattended problems, maintaining the success of their business requires the operating know-how, but also how to “unplug” and shut down the constant noise to get meaningful restorative rest.
When you are a one-man army, you literally have to manage everything yourself to make it work. As a business owner you are dealing with an unprecedented level of stress, oftentimes not getting enough sleep, leaving you with little time and energy to enjoy life outside of work. Close relationships with family members and friends will suffer as you manage as best you can the worries, anxieties, that may turn into physical illness if not dealt with effectively and meaningfully. You have concerns about whether you can make it to “next deal to survive”. You may even at times identify with the infamous hamster running wearily and endlessly on a wheel, unable to stop the cycle and enjoy life on its own terms.
Now you’re dictated by the constant demands of your job — your business with all that it entails.
Finding yourself on the receiving end of a major client’s cancelling their contract, can mean several months worth of income out the window, squeezing your operating cash flow, and potentially jeopardizing long-term or expansion plans. Sometimes, being hospitalized for anxiety attacks, or being unwell can amount to a financial disaster. We have also seen folks working from their hospital beds despite being told that they had just suffered a heart attack, and still being unable to unplug from work or convalesce. All of these can happen, anytime, in a heartbeat.
When you came into this space you wanted to live life on your terms, but now you’re often more enslaved than before. What to do?

— What
What you do to change that, is by looking at the difference between “lone-ranger “ business owner types and the really Successful, Connected, Healthy, Happy & Fulfilled ones. The really successful, happy, healthy & fulfilled business owners will cultivate or have some form of Mind, Body, Emotions systems in place, a structure that help them channel the flow of their business and their personal life.
In essence, this means that their inner Peace, Happiness, Health and Fulfillment will happen most automatically.
Working with your innate sense of intuition and creativity as a business owner will help your find the right minded team members that can make your enterprise successful. Business operations can then continue in the background, automatically, unaffected, and without costly stoppages no matter what the challenges may be.
This approach also allow you to ramp up, and fully scale up, because you’re no longer the horse that’s “Doing The Work”, you’re the comfortable rider, conscious and in-charge — in flow, operating in the Zone at all times.
And now, you control your business, and the direction of your life, on your terms.
You’ll have a consistent flow of the right clients and right deals come through to you.
Similar systems are also put in place for personal and family life. Now, you can live Your life with vibrant, radiant health and well-being.
You experience Ease, Clarity, Creativity and Harmonious Relationships with All, in or out of work.
Your colleagues, employees and family members and friends relate to you at an authentic level of connection.
You have an Easy yet Powerful Presence and Fearless, Authentic leadership.
Your natural and abundant creative energy is better channelled to manifest in your business affairs with Grace and Ease.
Because your business operations are better streamlined, in line with your vision, you’ll be able to take 3 months off in the year, while your enterprise is still running optimized without your constant presence and involvement.
Now, you can unplug from work when away from work.
Balance in your personal life and business can be achieved with fully scalable systems that allow you to expand readily. You can be in a position to become a leader in your industry.
You’ll likely be invited to speak at the best industry summits.
You’ll be invited to participate with other leaders, and belong to their circles.
You’ll be asked to be interviewed by the press regularly.

— How
The way this changed our lives is that after putting the right Mind, Body, Emotions and Spiritual systems in place, it further empowered us, and by extension our Teams to run our business without us being there full time.
We have spent years building the foundations and testing the effectiveness of those systems with challenging scenarios to find balance with Mind, Body, Emotions and Spiritual aspects of our lives, and our clients’ lives.
And this is what we’re going to share with you. Customized systems to help you create the right practices, and in many cases, help you further develop them for you.
So, yes, you too can get that Freedom and Clarity. All you have to do is find yourself on the other end of the phone and discuss the potential that those systems can help your realize in your life, business and personal.

2. What can I expect from the call?

We’re going to be doing a high level business and life analysis, so we can determine what’s working and the root issue of what’s NOT working for you there. Once, we’re clear on what’s going on we’ll discuss goals.

If we determine that working with us is your best next step toward solving the root issue and achieving your goals in your business and life, we’ll talk further about that. If it for some reason it ends up not being a good fit, we’ll still point you in the direction of resources that have the potential to help you.

3. Who are Dr. Vijaya & Dominique Daly?

Dr. Vijaya is an Ivy league trained physician, medical researcher, author, entrepreneur, international speaker and workshop leader.

Despite all her years of formal education at the best universities in both Asia and in the United States, she underwent serious health challenges, a challenging divorce while being a single mom to three children.

Dominique Daly is a Board Certified Bodywork Therapist, a Movement and Corrective Exercise Teacher with twenty eight years experience in developing programs that restore postures, improve flexibility, balance, agility, and quality of life. 

Dominique works with business owners who have chronic physical health issues and seek effective solutions to heal their condition.

His programs integrate the science of Kinesiology with Western movement technologies and Traditional Eastern holistic healing practices to help individuals successfully become free of physical limitations that keep them from thriving at work and in life. 

4. Summary

Having helped many business leaders and professionals each in their own individual private practice and in spite of the stress often brought on by challenging relationships and careers, individuals who struggled to balance their professional with their personal lives, Dr. Vijaya & Dominique Daly decided two years ago to combine their passion, knowledge and lifetime experience to to help clients implement sustainable systems of world-class effective health and self-care methods in their lives, utilizing the well-documented wisdom of the East with the Scientific approaches of Western Medicine.

Our Clients



“Peter, a 43 year old married father of three children and a senior executive in a well respected and largest media company based in NYC. Peter’s words: I started sessions with Vijaya and it has been transformative in both my personal and professional life. I am more present and connected with my family, and was able to gain a perspective and tap into an inner strength hay helped me navigate the loss of my father . At work, I have found a renewed purpose – helping others- and I am more productive and energized. Thank you Vijaya!”

Courtney M

“Since my ski accident and Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear, I was unsure of how best to heal. Whether to have surgery, keep on the path of physical therapy, or both. After meeting Dominique, I knew I was making the right choice in allowing his expertise to guide me along in this healing process. His incredible insight and understanding of the body made me feel confident and assured that I was on the right path. I now have a stable knee and a (tailored personal) practice that incorporate my love of yoga and strengthening!”

Steven S

Steven S, 46 year old married father of two teenagers and a financial investor. When he came to see me his marriage was on the rocks, he was severely stressed out and constantly worries about not being able to pay for his lavish life style. His company was about to transition. he says: “After a short period, Dr. VJ made a profound impact on my life, both personally and professionally. She helped clarify that one is a function of the other. After a short period of time I am seeing the results she promised at the outset. Last month I had a 1- Million-dollar-month in my practice which was the best month of my career, ever!”