The Awesome Power of Your Mind Even When You Feel Powerless

“Remember that the nature of thought is pure energy, so it flows.
Use thought wisely—let negative thoughts flow out of your mind.
Then your natural well-being will rise to the surface.”
— Elsie Spittle —

Most people believe that the way you think determines the power of your mind. No!

Before you start thinking, your mind is already AWESOME.

It works independently.

It works neutrally.

It’s an organic in-the-moment responsive intelligence, which is why when you’re not thinking you get your best ideas and you don’t get anyone else’s best ideas.

It’s all yours.

What’s amazing is that effortlessly a clear mind is a neutral mind is a default mind. Therein lies the Awesome Power of your Mind!

100% of the time.

That can be your baseline. If you choose it.

You may ask, “If that’s the baseline, why is everybody in a relatively unclear state of mind most of the time?”

It’s because they’re thinking on top of it. And they are stuck like caught in quicksand in their negative thoughts. Unable to flow because they are holding onto disempowering thoughts.

Disempowering thoughts accompany disempowering powerless feelings. You see they are connected. Always.

In a way, you can think of your relationship to your mind like a cellphone signal.

When a cellphone signal if good, you have crystal clear calls, easy.

When the signal’s bad, the same call is unpleasant and inefficient and frustrating.

It’s the signal.

You ask, “What interrupts the signal between me and my clarity of mind?”

It’s thought. That’s all it is. It’s thought.

The more you think, the worse your signal.

Thank goodness, you know on your phone there’s a signal dial.

That’s really useful because if you didn’t have that, you might just throw away your phone. They are useless.

When your phone’s not working and you look, “Oh, it’s the signal. No problem.”

That’s what your disempowering frustrated powerless feelings do. They tell you, “Oh, you’re just not thinking clearly. You’re just not seeing clearly. You just don’t have perspective.”

It’s invaluable to see that.

When you realize the Awesome Design and Power of Your Mind, it’s easy to get into neutral mind and access your creativity for solutions that work for you.

And it’s easy to see you can effortlessly drop your stressful & powerless thinking.

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